IT237 Week 2 Project Proposal

IT237 Week 2 Project Proposal - was discarded after a...

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Project Proposal 1 Project Proposal for Website Axia College, University of Phoenix
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Project Proposal 2 Project Proposal for Website The purpose of this site is to educate and entertain viewers on a historical re-enactment group that participates in several renaissance faires in the xxxxxxxxxx area. The site will include member/character bios, a brief history of the real historical XXXXXXXXXXX, events the group participates in, contact information, a photo gallery and other general information. Target Audience The target audiences for this website are: Renaissance faire participants and cast members. Renaissance faire booking agents. Renaissance faire aficionados. Other re-enactors. Potential future members. History buffs. Site Message At this time there is no slogan for the group, the original slogan “At the crossroads of history”
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Unformatted text preview: was discarded after a meeting in May 2010 because it was too cliché. The overall message of the website will be how people of today’s world attempt to recreate a traveling merchant caravan of the Renaissance era. Another goal would be to entice patrons to visit out encampment while we are performing at one of the various Renaissance Faires we participate in to learn more about the history of the XXXXXXXX. The last goal would be to get to know individuals at these re-enactments for the purpose of recruiting new members to the group. To that end this website will display photos of camp life at a Renaissance Faire, give some basic history of the XXXXXXXX Project Proposal 3 and present the various characters portrayed by our group members. The overall message would be to come and visit our group to learn more about the history of the time....
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IT237 Week 2 Project Proposal - was discarded after a...

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