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1. Discussion Questions What are the advantages of external CSS compared to internal CSS? Explain situations in which each is the appropriate type. Given these situations, which type do you think would be more useful for the majority of Web pages? The most advantageous CSS style sheet for the majority of Web pages would be external CSS because it is separate from the HTML coding, this allows for: 1. Easy formatting changes to be made across the entire site at once. 2. Allows for expanding the Web site to almost unlimited pages while maintaining a consistent look across all pages. 3. Another advantage aside from being able to format many pages from only one style sheet is that the designer can create multiple style sheets for different types of pages or even different sections of the pages, for example a separate CSS sheet for a complicated
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Unformatted text preview: navigation menu. 4. An external CSS page can reduce the number of errors because changes are made in only one place as opposed to manually changing each page, some larger sites can have thousands of pages such as eBay or Amazon. 5. This will also reduce the amount of code required, which in turn enables the Web site to load faster. • • Internal CSS sheet such as an embedded style sheet limits the designer to changing only that page. However, the main advantage of an internal CSS is that it would override an external sheet, thereby making small formatting changes possible on one or a few sheets but not all. • • Inline CSS is best suited for changing a very small portion of the page such as a word, phrase or sentence. • •...
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