Week 6 Concept Check

Week 6 Concept Check - x^1 + c and 1/2 = m^2 x^2 + c, then...

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Week 6 Concept Check How can you determine if two lines are perpendicular? Two lines are perpendicular if the product of their slopes is -1. Also, the two intersecting lines form right angles. Perpendicular lines are lines that intersect at right angles and the product of their slopes is equal to -1. If two lines are represented by equations Y^1 = m^1
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Unformatted text preview: x^1 + c and 1/2 = m^2 x^2 + c, then m^1 and m^2 represent their slopes, and if the two lines are perpendicular then m^1 m^2 = -1. For example, 3y + 2x= 4 and 6x-4y = -5 are perpendicular lines. Some properties of perpendicular lines are:- two lines cross and all four angles are equal.- the adjacent angles total 180 degrees. L. Renee Marcona...
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