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First Week Chapter 1 Importance of Microbiology Some historical aspects All organisms need nitrogen Nitrogen comes from amino acids and microorganisms The nitrogen that we breathe is a triple bond that cannot be broken. Some organisms take ammonia and convert it to amino acid for their use. Fermentation- is a metabolic process whereby electrons released from nutrients are ultimately transferred to molecules obtained from the breakdown of those same nutrients. The field of microbiology is basically specialists Landmarks in microbiology: o Van Leeuwenhoek- The first to demonstrate that microorganisms existed. Used what we now call microscopes and draw the bacteria. Had it published in England. Spontaneous Generation o Pasteur- proofing microorganisms. New bacteria comes from new bacteria o Koch Winogradsky- his postulates were very important to microbiology. o Francesco Redi did the experiment with the dead fish meat and flies. Life can take some source of energy and use it Sources of energy: o Chapter 1 Mini Review: Microorganisms include all microscopic organisms, including viruses. The cytoplasmic membrane is a barrier that partitions the cytoplasm away from the environment. Other major cell structures include the nucleus or nucleoid (genome), cytoplasm, ribosomes, and cell wall. Metabolism and reproduction are
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key features associated with the living state, and cells can be considered both chemical machines and coding devices. Microorganisms exist in nature in populations that interact with other populations to form microbial communities. The activities of microorganisms in microbial communities can greatly affect and rapidly change the chemical and physical properties of their habitats. Diverse microbial populations were widespread on earth for billions of years before higher organisms appeared, and today the cumulative microbial biomass on earth exceeds that of higher organisms. Cyanobacteria in particular were important because they oxygenated the atmosphere. Microorganisms can be both beneficial and harmful to humans. Although we tend
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First Week - First Week Chapter 1 Importance of...

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