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ENY 2040 – The Insects ‐ Video Review (Second Examination) “Webs and Other Wonders” 1. How is the crab spider protected from predators? Camoflauge 2. What is the only use of silk by crab spiders? As an anchor line 3. The crab spider paralyzes its prey by biting which body part(s)? head or thorax 4. What is the only use of silk by swamp spiders? As an anchor line 5. How do swamp spiders detect their prey? With their legs 6. For what purpose do male nursery web spiders use silk? Wraping prey As a gift for female 7. What interesting mating behavior is characteristic of male nursery web spiders? Packets of sperm with pedipals, inserts balloon like sperm 8. For what one purpose do all species of spiders use silk? Egg protection 9. What kind of insects are most commonly captured by the webs of sheet web spiders? grasshoppers 10. What is the legend regarding the young of money spiders? 11. What modification of the silk of the comb‐footed spider assists with capture of prey?
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Unformatted text preview: Glue on silk 12. How often and when does the garden spider make a new web? Every night 13. How do spiders that make sticky webs avoid sticking to the web themselves? Oil to cover feet 14. What is the function of the stabilimentum in the webs of some spiders? Warning sign fro birds not to hit 15. How does the “robber spider escape detection by its orb weaver spider prey? Small movements 16. What does the net‐casting spider do with its silk net after capturing prey ? eats and recycles it 17. How does the bolas spider detect its prey? Senses vibrations of wings nearby 18. How does the bolas spider attract male moths? Smells like receptive female 19. Where do purse web and trap door spiders live? underground 20. How does the giant millipede (Mombassa train) escape capture by trap door spiders ? can trace the silk at edge of track and move away...
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