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Test 1 Sample Questions PSYC 60 – Introduction to Statistics Summer Session 1, 2010 Format The test will be a mix of multiple choice, fill in the blank, short answer (1-3 sentences), calculations and graphing. You will be given 40 minutes for the test. Possible topics A question on the principle of chance which may require a 1-3 sentence short answer. Relates to the penny example. Possible issues include how does chance affect data and how do we control for it in tests. Create or interpret a histogram. Create or interpret a frequency table Explain the implications of having higher or lower significance levels. Explain or identify null hypothesis and alternative hypothesis. Contrast population versus sample. Mean: Produce formula, calculate from a data set, explain how changing individual values in the data affect the mean. Standard Deviation / Variance: Produce formula, calculate from a data set, explain how
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Unformatted text preview: changing individual values in the data affect the variance. Identify difference between formula for a sample and formula for a population. Explain what the value is of knowing the variance of a data set, particularly as it relates to making inferences from a sample. Given a set of data, create the multi-column table used in class to calculate variance and standard deviation. Normal Distribution: Identify properties and example of normal distribution in real life. Know % of values between 0, 1 and 2 standard deviations. Z-score: Calculate a z-score from a mean, standard deviation and x value (or calculate an x value from a z-score). Determine the area under the curve between 2 z-scores, including looking up a z-score on a table . (You will not need to know a z score from a table)....
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