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1 UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, RIVERSIDE DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS SUMMER SESSION I 2010, ECON 160: INDUSTRIAL ORGANIZATION MW 1:10 – 4:00 PM, INTN 1006 Instructor: (Grace) Waner Gu Office: Sproul Hall 3111 Office Hours: W 4:00pm-6:00pm or by app. Email: Course Description: Industrial organization is an important branch of applied microeconomics, which studies the behavior of firms and industries in various market structures. This course will cover a range of topics in the organization and structure of the American industrial system, and try to balance time on theoretical and empirical analysis. We will study the functioning of various market structures and its impact on pricing, product choices, efficiency and welfare. We will develop tools of microeconomics and game theory to analyze firms’ conflict, cooperation and communication in strategic environments. This course will also emphasize the application of theoretical insights on real-world examples and cases. The teaching schedule is subject to change. Students are responsible for being up to date on class announcements. It is your responsibility to enroll yourself in iLearn if adding the course late and to routinely check iLearn for course materials, schedule updates, and assignments. The prerequisite is ECON102B/104B. In order to have taken the prerequisite, you must also
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