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his - Dutch East Indies Manchuria Philippine Islands Korea...

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History 20 (050); Winter 2010; Professor Bell WEEK TWO MAP QUIZ During week two, from Jan. 11 through Jan. 15, there will be a Map Quiz administered in your Discussion Section meetings. THE MAP QUIZ IS MANDATORY AND CANNOT BE MADE UP MUST BE TAKEN IN YOUR SECTION MEETING DURING WEEK TWO COUNTS FOR 5% OF YOUR COURSE GRADE PREPARE FOR THE MAP QUIZ AS FOLLOWS: Study the maps on pp. 49 and 72 in the History 20 custom textbook View and/or download the two blank versions of the same maps found on the ilearn site Make sure that you can place ALL of the following ACCURATELY on the blank maps: Map 1 – blank version of textbook map on p. 49 I n d i a B u r m a K a s h m i r S i a m Tibet French Indochina China
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Unformatted text preview: Dutch East Indies Manchuria Philippine Islands Korea Taiwan Japan (Japanese Empire) Malay States Map 2 – blank version of the textbook map on p. 72 United Kingdom Serbia Sweden Portugal Montenegro Finland Spain Albania Ottoman Empire France Greece Persia Belgium Romania Arabia Netherlands Bulgaria Egypt Switzerland Poland Libya I t a l y R u s s i a T u n i s i a Germany Denmark Algeria Austria-Hungary Norway Morocco PLEASE NOTE: Each Discussion Section’s quiz will be different. When you arrive at your Discussion Section meeting, you will be given a list of ten places chosen from the above lists, and will be asked to place them correctly on blank copies of the maps....
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