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MIDTERM REVIEW Sample Questions- Section A Answers A professor gave an exam on a Tuesday and then gave the same class the same exam on the following Thursday. The professor was clearly interested in assessing the exam’s ______. A. Reliability B. Validity C. Face validity D. Conceptualization E. Precision In a study in which a researcher examined major U.S. newspaper editorials that dealt with the topic of public welfare, the unit of analysis was: A. Public welfare B. Major U.S. cities C. Newspaper readers D. Newspaper editorials E. Public welfare recipients The reliable instrument (or measure) is always a valid instrument. A. True B. False In your study of video game usage among adolescents, you attempt to create a sample that matches the gender distribution of the population that uses video games. You therefore, select a sample that has 70 percent boys and 30 percent girls. What sampling method are you using? A. Convenience sampling B. Purposive or judgmental sampling C. Snowball sampling D. Quota sampling (non-probability sampling technique)
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A. Replication B. Triangulation C. Explanation D. Cross-sectional Sarah is controlling. She is a lawyer. You have met a few other lawyers and they are also controlling. You conclude, therefore, that lawyers are controlling people. What potential error are you making?
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MIDTERM REVIEW - MIDTERM REVIEW Sample Questions Section A...

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