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History 20 Lecture 10 World War II in Europe The Statistics WWII was the greatest war in human history in terms of human and material resources expended. 61 countries with 1.7 billion people, ¾ of the world’s population, took part. 110 million persons were mobilized for military service, more than half of those by three countries: The Soviet Union, Germany, and the U.S. The war cost more than $1 trillion, which makes it more expensive than all other wars combined. The human cost, not including some 6 million Jews killed in the Holocaust, is estimated at 55 million dead – 25 million of those military and 30 million civilian. Source: The Legacy Project online at http://www.legacy-project.org I. Paths to War By the late 1930s, only twenty years had passed since the Great War. What made every major state in the world decide to go to war once again? As we have laid out in previous lectures, the settlements of territorial boundaries and the rights of “self-determination” of peoples remained controversial throughout Europe and indeed, the world, at the end of the Great War. The Great Depression complicated these conditions, leading some countries to believe that only by the development of war economies and mobilization of their entire populations for war, would they return to their levels of former global strength. Ultranationalism also became a key factor contributing to the onset of another global war. Recall that Fascist movements in Europe were especially important in this regard. Japan had its own variant of ultranationalism at work as well, and we will examine its characteristics and Japan’s resulting territorial ambitions. Finally, the tendency to form alliances with other countries to define and defend a
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Lecture 10 text-only version - History 20 Lecture 10 World...

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