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History 20 Lecture 12 The Origins of the Cold War Photo: The world’s first atomic explosion, in the desert of New Mexico, July 16, 1945 I. America enters WWII A. Diplomacy In the summer of 1941, the U.S. was still neutral in WWII but was beginning to discuss the future of the post-war world with Britain. In this context, the U.S. and Britain agreed to two central principles: self- determination of nations and the right to secure borders without fear of invasion. On Aug. 14, 1941, they signed an agreement called the A tlantic Charter which affirmed these principles. But these principles were problematic. Would the European powers give up their colonial territories to assure self-determination? What would self-determination really mean in the post-war world? How would European state boundaries be defined? What about the Soviet Union? B . The Pacific War begins Dec. 7, 1941—Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. Why? The U.S. had an ongoing blockade of ports in the South Pacific region making it difficult for Japan to get oil and rubber to continue fighting. The U.S. declared war on Japan in response to Pearl Harbor. The U.S. was no longer neutral and agreed to enter the war in Europe as well. C. The course of the war in Europe and more diplomacy “Spheres of influence” within Europe were beginning to develop; where a country had its armies was beginning to matter. More diplomatic meetings began.
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Lecture 12 text-only version - History 20 Lecture 12 The...

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