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conflict - Conflict Resolution Assignment St Martin Emily A...

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Conflict Resolution Assignment St. Martin, Emily A cheerleading squad is a group that many conflicts arise in. I was on a high school cheerleading squad for four years with an average of about twenty girls and one boy on it every year. This social group, although often joined for individual reasons or interests, is very tribal. The people who join this squad do so because of their instinct to cheer and support other humans; it is very customary for all high schools to have a cheerleading squad so that those inclined to lead can be the spark of school spirit. Inside the squad, instinct is a big factor in making rules, such as “no hair in face while cheering.” Kinship is often a reason for someone to join the squad; for example, two of my cousins were on the cheerleading squad before me. Therefore, part of the reason I and other people choose to join the squad is due to emotional ties. Many people on the squad wanted to be on it purely for a sense of belonging. Others wanted it as a form of
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