w4.2 - Meghraj Patil MBA 6001 Instructor John Halstead GM...

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Meghraj Patil MBA 6001 Instructor: John Halstead GM and IT: Research Yes, I support to Ralph Szygenda, he took over the top IT spot at General Motors Corp, and he was the company's very first CIO. His task: Take a highly decentralized company that had relied on one IT vendor, EDS Corp. (which GM owned) for more than a decade, and integrate its far- flung IT operations. "It was an impossible job," Szygenda recalls. "EDS had been here for 12 years, and they were driving everything. It was assumed the autonomous businesses at GM would never come together." General Motors has been leaning heavily on CIO Ralph Szygenda to cut waste and speed innovation through a fully outsourced approach to IT. Success is in the eye of the beholder, but another area we feel good about is that GM has probably the most outsourced information technology organization in the world. GM doesn’t build code inside this company; don’t have thousands of information technologists whose career growth we have to worry about. GM buys these services from vendors, but manages and takes full accountability for their success and failure, which is very different from other companies’ IT models. We feel good about the benefits of our business model. Around people have 70 to 80
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w4.2 - Meghraj Patil MBA 6001 Instructor John Halstead GM...

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