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Meghraj Patil 0802439413 Dr. John Halstead New Structure for Pfizer Pfizer is the leader of each of the company’s biopharmaceutical businesses will have clear accountability for results from initial product development to providing access to patients and through to the end of the product’s life cycle. The businesses will be led by world-class executives from Pfizer who will have the resources to pursue attractive growth opportunities and to meet the needs of patients and customers around the world. Recently they announce that they introduce to new operating structure of Pfizer, in which the main goal of the company was to maximize the new opportunities in biopharmaceutical research, Pfizer will form two distinct research organizations. The Bio Therapeutics Research Group will focus on large-molecule research, including vaccines, and will be led by Mikael Dolsten, who currently serves as President of Wyeth Research. Both Dr. Dolsten and Dr. Mackay will serve as presidents of their respective organizations and members of Pfizer’s Executive Leadership Team, and both will report to Pfizer Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Jeff Kindler. The company is planning to hold onto much of Wyeth’s talented pool of scientists upon the completion of the company’s collaboration. In a press release, the Pfizer unveiled the first stages of its integration plan, which involves the creation of two distinct research groups led by
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w1.4 - Meghraj Patil 0802439413 Dr John Halstead New...

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