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Exam 3 - Name Patil Meghraj Patil Pankaj Patel Nirav 1 Item...

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Name:- Patil Meghraj Patil Pankaj Patel Nirav 1. Item from chapter 1 Read the “inside Story” scenario in chapter 1 , entitled “ Mickey Mouse, Fast Food and Children Obesity” Answer the following questions. a. What moral/ethical issues are involving in this scenario? Ans:- when we are looking though the scenario we observe that childhood obesity is depends upon the time spend watching TV and being overweight because observing impact on children health issues specifically obesity. Because of these advertising children influence and prefer the high calories and low nutrients food and beverages. Disney take infectivity to stop these types of problem with child because of that they are going to start special types of meal program with low calories meal with replace soft drink to milk, water juice in their them park. b. What regulatory and /or legal issues are involved in this scenario? Ans:- when we talk about legal issues Disney and MacDonald’s present happy meal with Walt Disney company its on most successful marketing strategies to attract the parents and children to garbing quite bite at MacDonald’s. On study of 123TV commercial studies on the topic of obesity and it all because of marketing and television the federal communication commission is ban to these types of advertising. c. How would the actions taken by Disney affect the reputation and / or profitability of either or both firms? Ans:- Disney is very popular in kids and few of their character are most favorable for kids by using of these character MacDonald’s are their advertising strategies from toy store to attract the parents and children. At the same time they are curious about obesity problem of children so they start special meal plan with low calories and less saturated fat food. They replace fries to carrots or apple slices then kind of meal available in the park. Basically Disney are not sincere about effort against obesity problem , because they have continuities food advertising on their websites and vending carts is McDonald in Disney theme park. d. Does Disney’s conduct meet social expectations? Explain Ans:- Yes, Disney conduct all this things because they stay with McDonalds and they advertise about junk food packaging and sixty five percent people believed that food advertising was a major factor contributing to the increased in obesity among the children.
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e. Did the management at Disney exemplify the four components of legal astuteness or not?
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