EX4 MBA 5003 SPRING 2009[1]

EX4 MBA 5003 SPRING 2009[1] - 1 Name:- Meghraj Patil Name:-...

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1 Name:- Meghraj Patil Name :- Pankaj Patil Name:- Nirav Patil EXAM #4 Chaps 9, 12 Bagley & Savage 6e MBA 5003 STRATEGIC ENVIRONMENT SPRING 2009 DR. HAHN Please read the following directions carefully. You may work on this exam either individually or in small groups of up to three students (your choice), but you MUST indicate which option and write (print and initial) the name(s) of the individual or group in the space provided. This exam has three (3) short– medium length application items; each one is focused on material mainly from the two chapters named above, and is selected from the textbook examples. Each item is followed by a set of questions dealing with the scenario, and you are to answer each set of questions. All items count as indicated. This is an open-resource exam (textbook, notes, I-net, etc.). Note the references (“FYI’s”) below also (from Chapter One, pages 10 and 11: REFERENCE A; Paraphrase from page 10 bottom, “the Legally Astute Manager”: Communicates with counsel and works cooperatively to solve complex problems. Negotiates contracts to aid in strengthening relationships and reduce costs Protects and enhances value of firm’s resources. Creates options through contracts and other legal tools. Converts regulatory constraints into opportunities. REFERENCE B; “Components of Legal Astuteness”: Legal astuteness has four components: (1) a set of value-laden attitudes about the importance of the law to the firm’s success, (2) a proactive approach to regulation, (3) the ability to exercise informed judgment when managing the legal aspects of business, and (4) context-specific knowledge of the law and appropriate use of legal tools. NOTE: ACTUAL EXAM ITEMS FOLLOW BELOW (ON THIS PAGE 2): 1. Item from Chapter 12 Questions and Case Problems: Read Item 5 on page 463 regarding the Weyerhauser Corporation case. Answer the following questions. (34 pts)
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2 First case (paragraph 1): (a) What moral/ethical issues are involved in this scenario? Ans:- In the Scenario issue was regarding to breaking the companies rules and regulations policies. The employees of the company they are carrying guns in their cars which are parked in the company parking area. The company was hired search team and they cot the employees for they have gun in the car. After that company was fired those employees which are cot in the case carrying gun in the company’s area. Company says that, they are told in writing the policies to employees that, they are not carrying any gun in the company area because of that, they are terminate those employees who are cot in the action. Apart from that the employees how are terminated from the company, they are saying that,
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EX4 MBA 5003 SPRING 2009[1] - 1 Name:- Meghraj Patil Name:-...

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