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Meghraj Patil MBA 6001 Instructor: John Halstead SWOT Analysis Comparison SWOT Analysis for General Motors Strength Size and market share. Technology potential. New leadership. Quality improvement and perception thereof. Model acceptance has improved. Weaknesses Failure to make technology work. Too much vertical integration. Relationship with United Auto Workers. Relationship of strategy to structure. Opportunities Use of knowledge gained from Saturn experience and Toyota joint venture. Expansion of their global presence their own European model operation as an example. Continue to build on the newfound customer confidence. Changing consumer demand for new model types and styles expansion and leadership. Threats Domestic and foreign competition. U.S. federal legislation and regulation. Consumer lawsuits. Foreign legislation and regulation. SWOT Analysis for Pfizer Strength Currently the largest pharmaceutical company in the industry. Realizes potential and strength in mergers and takeovers, and actively pursues those opportunities. Strong educational programs. Lack of international regulations offer time and opportunity to validate potential drugs in foreign countries. Adequate revenues to pursue aggressive advertising, marketing programs. Weaknesses
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Meghraj Patil MBA 6001 Instructor: John Halstead Marketing expenditures exceeding Research and Development budget have come under scrutiny. Much of it is publicly funded. Accused of R & D budgets being inflated by creative accounting. Pfizer uses animals to test its products, a real no-no in the animal avocation sector that is making its way to public avocation in the US and other countries, as well. Pfizer has recently been accused of stealing indigenous knowledge. 3rd world countries have low legal regulations and have natural resource information that is used and profited by Pfizer. Opportunities
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w6.2 - Meghraj Patil MBA 6001 Instructor John Halstead SWOT...

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