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Professor: Nicolas Navarro Course Name: Beginning Algebra Mat0024c Title of the Assessment: Understanding Polynomials Using polynomials can be challenging to any math student. Polynomials are utilized by Corporations to perform calculations for their potential growth. Purpose of the activity: This assignment will help the student`s ability to identify, apply, and solve polynomials use in real life situations. Objective: 1) Classify polynomials 2) Add or Subtract polynomials 3) Determine the product when given the value Class activities: 1) Power point Presentation 2) Professor explanation in class Due Date: The assignment is due Wednesday 17, February, 2010. No late assignments will be accepted.
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Rubric: The following rubric will be used to grade the assignment. Criteria/Objectiv e Outstanding Good Needs Improvement Understands polynomials by performing the adequate mathematical operations Clearly states meaningful solutions by performing mathematical operations using the steps learn in
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assesment_Chapter_5 - Professor: Nicolas Navarro Course...

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