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HW#1 Matthew Maloney CE 3113 mwm48 1-2) On January 14 th , I contacted a Tony Robertson, father of a close friend of mine, who currently works for the Davis & Mathis trucking company and inquired about the following topics: Q: What exactly does your job entail? A: Usually on a typical day, I manage and arrange truck routes, maintenance, scheduling….ect. Occasionally I will have to drive or take over a route. Q: What made you first go in this profession? A: It was a family business for the most part, I’ve hired other employees since then though that aren’t family. But we like to keep mostly a family business; the other employees have been family friends for years. When asked about the future challenges of the business, he mostly vocalized his concerns about the economy and the future of gas prices. Because if gas prices rise, then the trucks would cost more to operate and he would have to lay off drivers. 1-3) The following table, Table 1 , depicts a four-day schedule from Jan. 14 th , Thursday, to Jan. 17 th , Sunday. Thurs Time (min) Distance (mi) DRIVE TO CLASS 12 5 DRIVE HOME 17 5 Fri DRIVE TO CLASS 15 5 DRIVE HOME 11 5 DRIVE TO WORK 29 25 DRIVE HOME 30 25 Sat DRIVE TO WORK 32 25 DRIVE HOME 29 25 Sun DRIVE TO WORK 31 25 DRIVE HOME 34 25 Table 1: Four-Day Transportation Schedule In Summation, I traveled 170 miles for a total of 240 minutes, or exactly 4 hours. This means I travel on average 42.5 minutes and spend one hour on the road everyday. The results were surprisingly larger than I expected. 1
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HW#1 Matthew Maloney CE 3113 mwm48 1-5) The development of my hometown, Columbus, MS, has been greatly influenced by two types of transportation systems, automotive and aviation.
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