transpHW#3 - CE3113Spring2010 Homework3 DueAMFeb.4,2010

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CE 3113 Spring 2010 Homework 3 Due AM Feb. 4, 2010 Each question should be answered on a separate sheet of paper.  The answer must be clearly  marked on the paper.   Homework must be submitted on engineering paper and stapled  together if necessary.  No credit will be given for any problem(s) that do not meet these  guidelines.  1. Find three types of interchanges in the highway near Starkville, list their longitude and latitude and intersection type. Examples of interchanges are in Figure 7-1. 2. Determine the width of the turning roadway for a one-lane one-way operation off- ramp with no provision for passing a stalled vehicle. The ramp connects to a local road forming a T-intersection. An additional lane is provided on the local road to allow vehicles from the ramp to turn right onto the road without stopping. The shoulder on both sides of the ramp is stabilized. The design speed for the ramp is 40mph and the design vehicle is WB-40. Use 0.08 for superelevation.
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transpHW#3 - CE3113Spring2010 Homework3 DueAMFeb.4,2010

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