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Exam1 Review_OSC323_Spring_2010 - OSC323-001 Exam1 Review...

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OSC323-001 Exam1 Review Question Chapter 1 The Operations Function Multiple Choice Questions 1. Why is operations management a more encompassing term than production management ? A) Operations management is concerned with multiple products and services B) Operations management refers to service as well as manufacturing organizations C) Operations is broader including the financing and marketing functions D) Operations makes use of the tools of quantitative analysis and computer systems Answer: B Difficulty: Moderate 2. Which is not a discipline used by the operations function ? A) Economics B) General management principles C) Quantitative analysis D) None of these Answer: D Difficulty: Easy 3.Approximately, what percentage of the American workforce works in service industries? A) 20% B) 40% C ) 80% D) 90% Answer: C Difficulty: Moderate 4.The four decision areas in operations management are: A) Planning, technology, inventory, control B) Process, quality, capacity, inventory C) Process, quality, technology, capacity D) None of these Answer: B Difficulty: Easy 5.Inventory decisions and control systems involve: A) Determining what to order, how much to order and when to order B) Tracking the flow of materials C) Managing the finished goods inventories D) All of these Answer: D Difficulty: Easy 1
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contemporary operations themes signify that: A) More emphasis should be placed in manufacturing than in service industries B) Every operation should be externally directed to meet the customers' requirements C) Operations decisions should precede decisions in other functions in an organization D) In order to be competitive, strategies for operations should have a narrow focus such as consideration of effects of industry changes only Answer: B Difficulty: Hard 7.What do service and manufacturing processes not have in common? A) They can both be viewed as a transformation process B) They are both essential to the economy C) They are important parts of operations management D) High customer contact with operations Answer: D Difficulty: Moderate 8.The essence of operations management can be described by: A) Process, capacity and people B) Decisions, function and systems C) Planning, control and organization D) Integrated planning and control Answer: B Difficulty: Moderate 9.Which of the following is not a new theme in operations? A) Globalization of Operations B) Time Reduction C) Quality Teams D) Environmental Concerns Answer: C Difficulty: Hard 10. The three primary functions that exist in most business organizations are: A) Operations, accounting, and finance B) Operations, production, and finance C) Production, marketing, and human resources D) Operations, finance, and marketing E) None of the above Answer: D Difficulty: Moderate 11. Which one of the following would not generally be classified under the heading of input in a university system? A)
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Exam1 Review_OSC323_Spring_2010 - OSC323-001 Exam1 Review...

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