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Week 9 Capstone CheckPoint Inscription is the foremost technique used to expand significant ideas. Writing skill needs decisive thinking, which is the procedure used to get clear ideas and to develop inspiration. Critical thinking will enable me to think the initiative from end to end and then inscribe it down in a logical way. Applying critical thinking while reading will help to assemble and evaluate the opinions, distinguish the tone from wobble arguments and to collect specifics from opinions. .. Apart from logical and analytical thinking, the processing of information needs to be thought reasonably and objectively. A critical thinker, when appraising information from articles,
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Unformatted text preview: advertisements, Medias, and conversations, thinker should confirm if it is convincing, fair, and precise. Articles should be tartan for reliability, whereas the advertisement and media depends on the qualifications and reputation of the source. While evaluating any of the sources above by reasonable research, one should also relate it to one’s own experience and acquaintance. During conversations often people give reasons to some extraneous claims. Learning to assume critically will help to recognize when arguments are supported by extraneous motivation....
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