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Discussion Question 1 Open this envelope and you’ll get a check for three million dollars, if your name appears on our list of winners. This example makes cracks me up. I used to get an email saying this and I do remember that my  attention was not to read the whole email. Now I know more about rhetoric devices, I can understand  that why it was so easy to be deceived by such email.  I think this example is highly persuasive for anyone receiving it for the first time. The first part of the 
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Unformatted text preview: sentence that promise an enormous amount of money is so powerful that many people may not even read the second half of the sentence that states the conditions. The above example had caught my attention. .. doesn't everyone want to win 3 million dollars? "If your name happens to appear on our winners list" . .. Ultimately in order for anyone to win the 3 million dollars you have to be on the "Winners List" you do not simply win money by opening the envelope!...
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