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Unformatted text preview: Response to Check Point Check Point: Part II The review of the original news source was about Allan Greenspan giving claims about the housing market and how people are losing their homes because of the economy. The article didn’t give much information or anything to back up Greenspan’s claims, which the classmate also found. My classmate did accurately identify the claims, but should have given examples of how it has affected her in some way, in order to compare with her/his observations. I think I would have made at least some comparison or an example’s of a solution for the solution to the situation. I didn’t see where the author was biased in anyway and my classmate did make the correct judgment. The concepts from the feedback tutorial I seen should of gave more examples, and showed great ways to respond to situations. I think it is very important to examples, and showed great ways to respond to situations....
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  • Summer '10
  • United States housing bubble, housing market, Alan Greenspan, Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Allan Greenspan, original news source

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