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week3 part 1 argument crdibility

week3 part 1 argument crdibility - workers in the computer...

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Check Point Part 1: Argument Credibility http://www.pcworld.com/article/155118/obama_broadband_computers_part_of_sti mulus_package.html Obama: Broadband, Computers Part of Stimulus Package (PC World) The claim that is being made here in the editorial from (PC world) is the President Elect has stated in his radio address that a Broadband Connection will be added to places where broadband is not already available. Including Retirement Homes (health care facilities), schools, and hospitals Do the radio address conflict with my personal views? Not exactly; I believe hospitals and schools should have the top of technology as stated by the president elect. The idea will put technical
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Unformatted text preview: workers in the computer industry to work which would be a good thing for me. But with this plan to put broadband in certain places will cost billions of dollars. Where this country could use the money for other benefits, such as helping the middle class get back to work or getting an education But to have children accessing the Internet for other reasons than research and educational purposes are Un acceptable. The expertise of the author is professional, very well written. I did not find the author biased in any way, but trustworthy....
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