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Crt 205 Week 2 DQ 1 and 2 - not needed in my documents...

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CRT week 2 DQ 1 Answer: I think critical thinking is an essential tool to success in breaking down piece of authority and to be more effective in writing. For me when I am reading I use my critical thinking skills often by breaking down the materials in parts to see what the explanation is trying to get across. This will help me fully understand the importance of reading. I use some useful techniques like skim reading and asking myself questions to help me retain more information that is provided in the reading. When writing I think critical thinking helps ore effective by wording documents to be most appropriate for the writing. I also think that it is a handy tool to have when perfecting a rough draft by determining what is needed or
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Unformatted text preview: not needed in my documents. Using critical thinking is a powerful tool to have for use in every circumstances I may face in life and without it I would be lost. CRT Week 2 DQ 2 Answer To me, the email that Owen wrote seemed rushed. He used incomplete thoughts that would be discovered if he proof read before sending the email. I think that it is necessary to take your work to someone because they can tell you if it sounds good. Some of Owens writing could have offended someone it is necessary to talk things in a nicer manner. I also noticed that much of the writing was not punctuated properly which could lead to people not understanding....
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