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Week 1 CheckPoint Taking a Position

Week 1 CheckPoint Taking a Position - his work I had talked...

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Part A I think that the key issue in the comic strip was Anita's decision whether she should steal from her job or not steal and go ahead and turn her co-worker in. She suspended her judgment by thinking about it overnight and came to a decision the next day. I think that her job was on ethical standards than logic. I feel this way because logically theft is wrong for anyone to do it. She had waited till the next day. She was morally torn by doing her job or theft. She took action as a result of her decision not to steal and reported her co-worker. Part B One problem I recall in which I had to take a stand had to determine whether or not to allow a close friend of mine that works for me. He was beginning to get seriously lazy at
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Unformatted text preview: his work. I had talked to him about his lack of action productivity but still did not change. I suspended my judgment for a couple of days before I made a good decision. This was a decent value judgment. He should let go sooner. The fact that we were close friends outside of work it had made it difficult for me to get my choice. Ultimately I made the decision to terminate his job and conveyed why. It ended up Ok in the end though because we are still best friends. This has helped me realize that I should not have my personal life with my work. I will not hire friends or family anymore....
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