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AP CALCULUS PRECALCULUS SUPPLEMENTARY II Problems : 1) A bus travels the first 4.0 km of its route in 15 minutes. How many hours will it take to travel the next 48.3 km if it continues at the same speed? A) 181.1 B) 12.9 C) 3.0 D) 2.5 E) 2.0 2) An antibiotic is added to a culture of bacteria and is found to kill 1 3 of the bacteria in the culture every 30 seconds. If a laboratory assistant checks the culture after two minutes, what fraction of the original bacteria will have been killed? A) 16 81 B) 8 27 C) 19 27 D) 65 81 E) 80 81 3) A professor scored a student’s test of 100 questions by subtracting three times the number of incorrect responses from the number of correct responses. If the student answered all 100 questions and received a score of 68, how many questions did she answer correctly? 4) Consider the points on the Cartesian plane to the right. If a and d are even integers and b and c are odd integers, then which of the following could be the value of d ?
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