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NAME________________________________ SPH3U3/6 FLUID MECHANICS TEST B FULL SOLUTION : Answer all problems with COMPLETE STATEMENTS on the LEGAL SIZE paper provided. 1) A solid concrete block of volume V weighs 67.6 N in air and when completely immersed in water ρ w a t e r k g m = 1 0 0 0 3 , it weighs 38.2 N (see the diagram to the right). a) ( 1K , 1C ) What was the magnitude of the buoyant force provided by the water? b) ( 2K , 1C ) What was the volume, V of the concrete block? c) ( 2K , 1C ) What is the specific gravity of concrete? 2) A filled water tower sits on top of the highest hill ( 29 3 2 5 m in a town while a fire station is at the base of the hill and a school is on another hill that is 8 2 m vertically higher than the base of the fire station [see the diagram below]. The cylindrical water tower has a radius of 1 2 m and a height of 5 0 m . Assume that the density of water is w a t e r k g m = 1 0 0 0 3 . a)(
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