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NAME________________________________ SPH3U3/6 KINEMATICS TEST B MULTIPLE CHOICE : Place your answer on the LEGAL SIZE paper. 1) ( 1K ) Karen travels a 10.0 km path to and from school every school day. If there are 39 school weeks, how many meters does Karen travel? Assume that there are five school days per school week. A) 39 10 5 . × m B) 6 . × C) 78 10 5 . × D) 6 . × E) 2 . × 2) ( 1K ) What information would you expect to find from a given velocity–time graph? A) the velocity B) the velocity and acceleration C) the velocity and displacement D) the acceleration and displacement E) the velocity, displacement and acceleration 3) ( 1K ) How many of the following statements are INCORRECT ? I) Acceleration is the rate of change in speed of an object with respect to time. II) Velocity is only magnitude of the speed of an object. III) Speed is the displacement of an object within a certain time interval. IV) Terminal velocity is achieved when a free falling object has zero acceleration. A) 0 B) 1 C) 2 D) 3 E) 4 Questions 4–6 refer to the diagram below. The figure above shows the route taken by a cyclist as he journeys past the places marked A , B , C and D before returning to A . 4) ( 1K ) The total distance traveled by the cyclist in the last six hours of his journey is A) 0 km B) 10 km C) 18 km D) 19 km E) 37 km 5) ( 1K
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