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NAME________________________________ SPH3U3/6 SIMPLE MACHINES QUIZ A FULL SOLUTION : Answer all questions with COMPLETE STATEMENTS on the LEGAL SIZE paper provided. 1) A mover wishes to load a truck with a piano that has a mass of 400 kg. The height above the ground ( h ) of the truck’s loading space is 1.5 m. The length of the ramp is 6 m. a) ( 1K , 1C ) What is the angle of inclination of the ramp? b) ( 1K , 1C ) How much work must be done to raise the piano vertically upwards into the loading space? c) ( 2K , 1C ) What is the magnitude of the weight of the piano acting parallel to the ramp? d) ( 3K , 1C ) If 5120 J of frictional energy is generated in moving the piano up the ramp, how much force should the piano mover use? e) ( 1K , 1C ) What is the efficiency of this inclined plane? 2) The marine windlass is a wheel and axle but in place of the wheel, a handle is used. A force of 100 N on the crank can raise a load of 90 kg. The length of the crank handle is 48 cm and the diameter of the axle to
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