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IASTU/Music 109 – Solam Study Guide for Quiz III GENRES/STYLES Surf Music Garage Rock Country Rock 1960’s Folk Revival Bubblegum Pop Heavy Metal Folk Rock Psychedelic Rock Jazz-Rock Fusions British Invasion Arena Rock Prog/Art Rock GENERAL TERMS “Let’s Go Trippin” “Feel Like I’m Fixin’…” Haight-Ashbury Programmatic Music “Ohio” Human Be-In Festival Pet Sounds Acid Tests Deadheads “Good Vibrations” Summer of Love (1967) Sgt. Peppers “Blowing in the Wind” Monterey Pop Festival Tommy Student Movement Hair  (musical) Woodstock Festival
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Unformatted text preview: Newport Folk Festival Beat Poets Open-Air Rock festivals Beatlemania On the Road Altamont Festival Stones Go Raunchy Howl Bitches Brew “Satisfaction” Beatniks Synthesizers 1960’s Counterculture Beat Philosophy Dark Side of the Moon MUSICIANS/GROUPS Dick Dale Sly and the Family Stone Beach Boys Bill Graham Brian Wilson Doors Bob Dylan Jimi Hendrix Byrds Willie Nelson Beatles Led Zeppelin Rolling Stones Black Sabbath Who Kiss Alan Ginsberg Miles Davis Grateful Dead Santana Janis Joplin Pink Floyd...
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