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13 - 8 At the pH found in cells{about ID whsl haJpensto...

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Unformatted text preview: 8?} At the pH found in cells {about ID}. whsl haJpensto theamino group on an amino aid? 5?} A} It is reduced. and tendsto act asan electron donor in redox reactions. B] It remains neutra. lilte water. and does not haveacharge. C} It actsasan acid and losesa proton. giving it a negativecharge. D} It aztsasa base and gains aproton. giving it apositive charge. es} At the pH found in cells {about ID). what haJpensto the carboxyl group on an amino acid? 813} A} It actsasa base and gains aproton. giving it apositive charge. B} It remains neutral. like water. and does not haveacharge. C} It is oxidized. and tendsto act asan electron acceptor in redox reactions. D] It actsasan acid and losesa proton. giving it a negativecharge. 59} How does the structure of an amino a:id enable it to playI its most important roles in cells? 89} A} Elecauseeach amino acid conta'ns avariety of functional groups. they can participate in a wide variety of chemical reactions. B} It can serveawidevariety of functions in acell. because it contains the atoms most commonly found in organisms [:1 H . N. and D}. G} Elecause both carboxyl a1d amino groups are present. polymerization isexergonic. In addition. the presence of a side chain makes the molecule water soluble. D} The presence of carboxyl and amino groups gives it the ability to form peptide bond s. and its side chain gives it unique chemical properties. 90} Which of thefollowing involves an increase in entropy? 90} A] chemical evolution B) condensation G} polymerization D] hydrolysis 91} In solutionnnvhy do hydrolysis rea:tions occur more readily than condensation reactions? 91} A} H ydrolysis decreases entropy and isexothermic. B} H ydrolysis increases entropy and is exothermic. C} H ydrolysis raises G. or Gibbsfree energy. D} H ydrolysis incrI-Isesentropy and is endothermic. 92} Suppose you discovered anew amino acid. Its Ft-group contains only hydrogen and carbon atoms. 92} Predict the behavior of thisarnino acid. A} Flelative to theamino acidsfound in organism s. its interactionsvirith 1nlirater will be intermediate. B} ltis hydrophobic. C} Flelative to the amino acidsfound in organisms. its interactions-with water will be very high. D] It is hydrophilic. 93} An isomer of aparticular molecule is 93} A} another copy of the same molecule. B} a molecule that has the same formula but ad ifferent structu re. I13.}amoleculethaisthe same except it hasa'l additional sidegroup. D} amolecule tha has the same structure asthe target molecule. but adifferent formula 94} A peptide bond is 94-} A] aparticularly unstable covalent bond. B} aparticularly stable. planar covalent bond. G} atriple covalent bond. D} an ionic bond. not a covalent one. 13 ...
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