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24 - 166 I|l'lr'hy do plants require sunlight A Sunlight...

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Unformatted text preview: 166} I|l'lr'hy do plants require sunlight? A} Sunlight help 3 plants breatt down their food products so they can extract the energy stored in them. 3’} Sunlight can be used directly by plantsto perform anumber of physiological processes. G} alnlight oxidizes carbon dioxide and water to form glucose. D} Sunlight energy can be used by plants to red uoe the carbon atom s in carbon dioxide. SH OFIT AN SWEFl. Write the word or phrase that best completes each statement or answers theguestion. 15?} An important step in utilizing complex carbohydrates as an energy source isto break their 16?} glycosidic linkages. This is necessary because the digestive system cannot absorb any carbohydrates larger than amonossccharide. U sing information in your textbook [Chapter Sand the chapters on digestion}. oompilea list of at least five enzymesthat can accomplish this. Identify eazh enzyme's substreie and leaztion products. You may include enzymes found in any organism. M ULTIPLE CHDI GE. IC—hoose the one alternatiyethat best completes the statement or answersthe question. 158} When an insect is crushed. it createsacrunching sound. What carbohydrate isthe most liltely souroeofthis sound? A} glycogen B} cellulose G} chitin D} starch E} peptidoglycsn 159} If you weregoing to develop a new antibiotic. you would probably need to become an expert on which ofthesecarbohydrates'? A} cellulose B’} glycogen G} starch D} peptidoglycsn E} chitin 1TB} Cell wallsare used by many different organisms for protection from their environment and structural support. These cell walls must obviously be insoluble in water: otherwise. they would dissolve the first timethe organism got wet. Which of the following carbohydrates would you expect to be the most soluble in water? A} cellulose B} starch G} chitin D} peptidoglycan 1T1} In animalsthe role of carbohydrate polymers is primaily A} enzymes B} information storage. C} body protection. D} energy storage. 1?2} The term phosp holipid cat best bedescribed by which of the following? A} anonpolar lipid moleculethat is majealnphipathic by the addition of a phosphate B} anonpolar lipid molecule tha is made polar by the addition of aphosphate C} apolar lipid molecule that fully repels water D} apolar lipid molecule that fully interactswith water 24 166} 1a} 159} its} 1?1} 1?2} ...
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