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25 - 1T3 What region of a steroid is hydrophilic A the ring...

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Unformatted text preview: 1T3} What region of a steroid is hydrophilic'? A} the ring structures B} the long hydrocarbon chain 0} the methyl {- CH 3} groups D} theterminal hydroxyl group 1?4} What most distinguishes lipidsfrom other biomolecules is A} that only lipids contain hydrogen atoms. El} their chemical properties. 0} where they are fou nd in the body. D} their molecular weight {size}. 1T5} Cooking oil and gasoline {a hydrocarbon} are not amphipathic molecules. Why? A} They are highly reduced molecules El} They do not hayeapolar or charged region. G} They do not haveahydrophobic region. D} They spontaneously form micelles or liposomes in solution. 1?6} You want to View across section of apartioular oell at extremely high msgnification. What tool would you use? A} confocal microsoope B} light microscope G} scanning electron microsoope D} transmission electron microscope 1W} In marshes and other wet areas where yegetation is rotting. the water surface often has an oily sheen dueto insoluble compounds. What are these molecules? A} carbohydrates B} nucleicacids G} proteins D} lipids 1H3} You want to view the surfaze of aparticular oell or tissue {group of related cells} at magnifications above 1030:. What tool would you use? A} transmission electron microscope B} light microscope G} scanning electron microsoope D] confocal microscope 1TB} Steroids are A} aclass of lipid with four- ring structure. B} aclass of transmem brsne transport proteins 0} powered by ATP. D} aportion of all phospholipid s. 130} Phospholipidscan form all of the following structures in water except which one? A] monolayers B] bilayers G] vesicles D] micelles 1B1} Phospholipid bilayer membranes ere selectively perms-tile; in which way are they ‘selectively permeable"? A} They allow everything but water to cross. B} They allow only water to cross. 0} They allow somethingsto crosswhile restricting others. D] They alow everything nonpolar to cross. 132} Which of the following substanoes would most likely require aprotein to fa:ilitate itsdiffusion moss aoell mem brene? A} glyoerol El} fatty acid G} water D} oxygen gas {C12} 25 1M} 1 M} 1?5} 1m} 1W} 1m} 11's} 130} 131} 1132} ...
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