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CAT 125 Final Paper Topic Proposals For my final paper I want to expand on my paper from CAT 124, where I wrote about how different physical environments have effect on my buddy Ashley. It concentrated on her behavior and performance in the class room, where she was surrounded by the majority white upper class students compared to the after school program where she was more comfortable around fellow students of similar social and economical status. I would like to continue my research on this topic throughout the quarter and focus more on Ashley’s “funds of knowledge” drawing on the reading from Moll. By doing a home visit I will be able to see another side of Ashley and examine whether her home life and the values her family instill into her on topics such as socialization and education, transcribe into her academic setting. I also want to include more
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Unformatted text preview: information on the demographics of Torrey Pines elementary and examine outside relationships Ashley has with others to use as evidence in my paper to support my data. My thesis for this paper will be somewhere along the lines of the disadvantages Ashley faces compared to other students in an academic environment and the effect this has on her. I will also include the reading about “unpacking privilege” and use this as an example of how the other students in Ashley’s class have this advantage over her and because of this her grades and motivation to do well are affected. I am hoping that throughout this quarter I will get a better gauge of Ashley’s strengths and weaknesses as well as find out things that motivate her to do well....
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