Fieldnotes #5 cat 125

Fieldnotes #5 cat 125 - Fieldnotes Today was bitter sweet...

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Fieldnotes Today was bitter sweet for me, I was excited to see Ashley and be finishing the quarter but I was also very sad that this was our last time seeing each other. I had prepared some cut up oranges as well as oreos and m&m’s as ice cream toppings for today’s activities so I packed those in my car as well as my gift for Ashley and headed to campus. I was excited to give Ashley her gift and card as well, I know that she loves Winnie the Pooh so I got her some cute Winnie the pooh socks and a necklace and pencil. First, I stopped by Jamba Juice on the way to class to pick up some oatmeal as a pre-class energizing snack. I headed to class on this sunny afternoon and entered through the familiar office and into the computer lab to gather with the rest of the class. I walked out of the class room with Carolina and Ashley came running up to me and gave me a big hug. I asked her how she was doing and told her I was sad that today was our last day together. I asked her whether she was buying pizza and she said no so I asked her what she wanted to do instead. She said she wasn’t sure so we walked over to the pizza line where Selena and Carolina were and Ashley said she wanted to go to the bathroom. I asked Ashley if her and Selena were talking today and she said sort of but still not as much. While walking over to the bathroom Ashley showed me her stuffed animal that she brough to school that day, she said everyone brought one today and said her dog’s name was Sam. She asked me if I knew how to spell Sam and I said “ya, S-A-M.” She said no, she spells it Sa5M, and the five is silent. We went over to the bathroom and were talking to Jasmine when Ashley threw her stuffed animal in the air and it landed on the roof. We looked around and decided we needed to find a broom, a chair and someone tall to help us get it down. We started walking towards the cafeteria and saw a chair, a broom and Ian, so we gathered the supplies and Ian was able to get her dog down, as well as a yellow Frisbee that has been stuck on the roof for some time. Ashley thanked Ian and told him she owed him $5.00 for getting her dog, he laughed it off and headed to the play ground. Ashley told me Sam was very important to her, her mother got it for her when she was 7 and she sleeps with him every night. Ashley then said she had made me three cards and wanted to give them to me, but I told her to wait since I had a card and gift for her. We walked through the cafeteria and Ashley walked over to the lunch lady and asked if she could still buy lunch, so she typed in her lunch number and got pizza. I noticed that they were throwing out some fruit and asked if I could have it to use for our party to put on our ice cream. The lunch lady said I could help myself so I cut up a tray of strawberries and bananas while Ashley ate her pizza and said hi to Phoebe and Emma. The bell rang and Ashley and I headed to Mr. Kent’s class to work
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This note was uploaded on 07/28/2010 for the course CAT CAT 125 taught by Professor Michaelcole during the Spring '10 term at San Diego.

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Fieldnotes #5 cat 125 - Fieldnotes Today was bitter sweet...

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