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Cole article summary #1 - This article by Cole states that...

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This article by Cole states that while many after-school programs vary in the techniques and structures used, they all have a similar goal; the social development of students in a social- culturally diverse environment. This article analyzes the different approaches and claims that all approaches incorporate individual differences of each student and the byproducts of change but some are more effective as a result of multiple factors; including the context of the program, voluntary participation and continued motivation of individuals to participate. Cole introduces the theories of the “5 th Dimension” program in this article and claims that the context of the program is what makes it successful. The argument is set up to explain the different components of the program to show how many factors are taken into consideration for the design and context and how any program with these factors do not insure a thriving program. The 5 th dimension incorporates an undergraduate student interaction with the child and the use of an artifact such as a computer, which is part of a concentric circle that includes the most important influences as the focal point and surrounded by other levels. Cole says that the 5 th dimension falls between the home and school category, so it is important to have a motivating factor for children to come, which is why play is a big part of the program. Cole supports his claim that play is an important
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Cole article summary #1 - This article by Cole states that...

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