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Reading summary 5 Delpit - The Politics of Teaching...

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The Politics of Teaching Literate Discourse Summary We live in a society that revolves around a dominant discourse; one that dictates the dominant language, literacy, beliefs, way of doing things and can attribute to one’s identity. Delpit claims that teachers face the challenge of deciding whether to teach the dominant “white ways” of literacy, because doing so may be oppressing the cultural background of those not born into this dominant discourse. In a world where the dominant discourse allows access and provides the resources for success, we began to view any other discourse as negative. Instead of viewing a bicultural background as an advantage we view it as a negative aspect that can restrict ones success. Delpit’s main argument consists of analyzing an article by Gee, who represents the beliefs of many teachers that discourse is more then what can be taught in the class room and therefore individuals cannot expand outside their discourse unless it is acculturated in the home environment. Gee claims there are primary discourses, those learned in the home and there are secondary discourses which is institutions or groups. All discourses are not equal in status and he claims that you cannot move from one discourse to another if the discourse is not
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Reading summary 5 Delpit - The Politics of Teaching...

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