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Bettie Ch 1 Summary -Women without Class
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Women without Class – Julie Bettie Ch. 1 Julie Bettie starts the article by discussing her research goals and relevant research in the field of gender studies and identity. She talks about a reading called ‘Reviving Ophelia’ by Mary Pipher, that speaks of a “girl poisioning culture” but felt this book was written by someone who oversimplified gender identity and did not even take the time to get to know and earn the trust of the girls she was writing about. Julie Bettie wants to crack these stereotypes and unlock the cultural and identity issues underlying these problems and the development of girls in today’s society. She sets up the first chapter to describe her method of obtaining research information and the demographic she was working with, which included ethnographic field work and a diverse population of girls at a Central Valley High School. Bettie realized that much of the research and reading she did lacked ethnographic field work, so she decided to go into the field and clear up any stereotypes or misconceptions about identity and hierarchy in the younger age group of high school girls. Her main goal was to compare girls across race and class, and to do so she had to integrate herself within the groups and approach the task through hands on observation and interactions with the girls for her research. In order for her to obtain the most reliable research she had to work hard to gain the trust of the girls, rather than be viewed as a researcher, which
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