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cat 125 reading summary 4 - Macleod Reading Aint no making...

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Macleod Reading – Ain’t no making it Jay Macleod wrote a research book called “Ain’t No Making It” in 1987 and published an ethnographic field note style piece of work then decided in this reprinted edition to return to the initial site and follow up on initial participants. In his first book he focused on class and race and how many faced an unequal playing field in the academic world that hindered their ability to succeed beyond school. His focus on class divisions and the failure of the American structure for education is highlighted through the use of field notes on his experience at Clarendon Heights, a housing project in a low income neighborhood, where Macleod interacted with two groups of opposing social circles. Macleod struggled with his ethnographic field work because he had such a different upbringing and was dealing with individuals who had different values and beliefs, which he had to overcome to complete his research. Jay used basketball as a tool to gain entrance with the two groups; the “Hallway Hangers” and “The Brothers.” The Hallway hangers were white and heavily involved in drugs, alcohol and petty crime. They possessed a culture that was in opposition to mainstream values of achievement and success and did not think that school or any other social institution would help them escape the life of poverty in which they were raised. As a result of this attitude they did not attend school often and most dropped out before graduation. On the other hand “The Brothers” were mostly African Americans brought into mainstream achievement ideology, believing that through they would be able to overcome obstacles posed by poverty and race and achieve success in American culture. Unlike the
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cat 125 reading summary 4 - Macleod Reading Aint no making...

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