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Brittany Loy Reflection CAT 124 My experience in the CAT 124 course has been a positive and enriching one to say the least. My first day at Torrey Pines Elementary School, I arrived with a positive attitude about the program and with the goal of helping students succeed in their academic endeavors. I knew that my experience with tutoring and younger children would be beneficial in this course, yet I was not sure exactly what this program strived to accomplish. Missing the first class I was worried I would be behind and miss out on important information that would hinder my progress but with the help of Emma and reading through the course syllabus and class readings on “The Fifth Dimension,” I quickly understood the purpose of this course. I initially thought this program would be more academically involved, concentrating on strictly school work but I now understand that this course works to create a balance. In order to keep the children engaged we must create a fun and trusting environment so that the kids want to learn and view this as a positive experience themselves. If we tried to make this all about school work they would not focus the whole time, get antsy and become distracted from their work, as I have sometimes witnessed when it is raining out and the children are forced to stay in homework time longer than usual. Missing the first class I had missed out on choosing a buddy so I was blindly assigned Ashley A. I was warned that she was more difficult than a lot of the other students and to not
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This note was uploaded on 07/28/2010 for the course CAT CAT 125 taught by Professor Michaelcole during the Spring '10 term at San Diego.

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B_Loy_Reflection - Brittany Loy Reflection CAT 124 My...

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