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Brittany Loy The Effects of the Environment; Ashley’s Behavior inside the Classroom Compared to the after School Program Introduction – “Ashley, you are usually such a good student in my class I would never have to confront you about being off task… (Loy, January 27 th ) ” said Mr. Ramirez, Ashley’s current fifth grade teacher at Torrey Pines Elementary. This is a quote from Mr. Ramirez during homework time in the Fifth Dimension after school program. Surprised by Mr. Ramirez’s statement I began to wonder whether Ashley displayed a different behavior in the class room environment than her current surrounding. From my observations in the after school program, Ashley is often off task, has a negative attitude about activities and easily distracted when she is with her peers of equal economic, cultural and social status, as displayed in my cumulative field notes from January 2010 to March 2010. On February 1 st , 2010 I conducted a class room visit with Ashley where I observed a different student then I had seen in the after school program. In the class room Ashley is surrounded by peers of the majority (white, middle upper class students), where the learning system appeals to their background. While empirical evidence has shown Ashley’s performance in the class room exceeded any behavior she has displayed in the Fifth Dimension, I believe that Ashley acts this way because of an unfamiliar environment that is shaped by her surroundings. I constructed this paper to outline the research I have obtained on Ashley through personal observation and outside resources. I also included data on Torrey Pines Elementary in order to understand the school environment that Ashley is currently in. My data is heavily concentrated on the fact that environment has an influential role in Ashley’s behavior and performance. By including related educational resources, such as readings from relevant course
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work this paper seeks to display how Ashley performance is affected by her environment, and with this understanding how it can work in a positive aspect in the class room to help her succeed. B. Literature review The Hidden Life of Girls by Marjorie Goodwin explores children’s behavior in an out of class room environment. Social organization and moral behavior beyond the realms of adult supervision are observed in a naturalistic setting, where Goodwin uses video to monitor children on the playground. In Goodwin’s research she chooses to study a setting outside of the class room since little is known about children’s behavior and interactions with each other when there is no adult supervision present. In my experience with Ashley I witness her actions from the perspective of someone closer resembling a peer rather than an authority figure, allowing me to have more insight on her actual behavior free of adult supervision. She does not refrain from negative language, actions and play that she would not normally display in the class room environment. Goodwin’s method of observation is effective because research has shown that
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cat essay final instructions - Brittany Loy The Effects of...

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