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final study guide phil 12 - The instructions for the final...

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The instructions for the final exam are posted below. Review them now so there will be no surprises. This exam is worth a possible 400 pts in total. Note that not all questions are weighted equally! You may want to look through the test in its entirety first, then plan your time and effort accordingly. Before beginning the exam, please make sure absolutely everything except something to write with is put away and well out of sight. All papers, books, notes, cell phones, PDAs, etc. must remain completely outside of reach throughout the entire exam period. Do not take needless risks or be careless with this instruction please. Simply placing notes under your seat, for example, is not enough. Also, please take care to spread out as much as possible from other students and avoid any appearance of looking on another student’s exam. Since there are multiple versions of the exam, such behaviors would be unlikely to help anyhow- but again avoid even the appearance of any attempt at dishonest conduct. For questions where a box is provided, be sure to record your answer clearly in the box. RESPONSES NOT RECORDED IN THE BOX MAY NOT BE GRADED. Clearly write all letters of the responses you are choosing for multiple choice questions, write out “true” or “false” for true/false questions, or record a “yes” or a “no” if a question asks for a yes/no response. For fill in the blank questions, write clearly on the line provided. For open-ended, short answer questions, give a concise but thorough answer in 1 to 3 sentences in the space provided. Be aware that unless otherwise specified, questions may have more than one correct answer. Also, note that some questions have more than one part (and thus more than one box to record your answer in). There are two bonus questions at the end of the exam. There are multiple versions of this exam. Please be sure that all pages of your exam remain together. The following are questions and prompts that you should be able to to  respond to be fully prepared for the midterm.  Keep in mind that giving a  brief or simple answer to these may not be sufficient.  If a question here asks  what a central concept is, it may not be enough for you to be able to  regurgitate a simple definition of that concept.  Some questions on the exam  will be aimed at uncovering deep understanding of concepts.  The fuller 
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answer you are able to give to each of these questions the better.  Try to be  sure that you think beyond spitting out a sentence in reply and can make  connections between concepts, generate and identify examples, and apply the  knowledge implicit in those definitions.   What is critical thinking ? What are some reasons to study
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final study guide phil 12 - The instructions for the final...

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