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afs final study guid

afs final study guid - did they contribute to the Funk...

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How is Funk defined? How has it evolved? What are its musical roots? What makes up a Funk band? How is Funk directly connected to the Civil Rights Movement and the Black Power Movement? How did James Brown, Sly Stone, and Larry Graham influence the development of Funk? What is the connection between Funk and Soul? What is Jazz-Funk Fusion? How did Jimi Hendrix influence the development of Funk? Who were the Last Poets, the Ohio Players, Kool and the Gang, the Isley Brothers, the Commodores, Earth, Wind and Fire, the Average White Band, Rufus, War, and Santana? How
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Unformatted text preview: did they contribute to the Funk sound? How was Stevie Wonder funky? Was disco funky? How did Cameo, the Bar-Kays, George Clinton, Bootsy, and Parliament-Funkadelic advance Funk? Who were Bernie Worrell and Eddie Hazel? What is the concept of the Mothership?-the ship come back to revive the funkyness brought by George Cliton from funkadelic What is “Naked Funk?” Who are the artists that define the sound? What is New York Hip Hop?” Who was Afrika Bambaata? What is Go Go? What is P-Funk Hip Hop? How did West Coast Rap develop?...
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