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PsychSim 5: HELPLESSLY HOPING Name: Kai-Ting,Chen Section: Section 01 Date: 02/25/10 In this activity you will explore the importance of a sense of personal control over the events in your life. Learned Helplessness Briefly describe the animal experiments that lead Seligman to the theory of learned helplessness. Seligman concluded that the dogs in the harness had learned that they could not escape or avoid the shocks; that is, they had learned that they were helpless and that the shocks were uncontrollable. This conditioning was so powerful that later, when the dogs were placed in a situation in which they could escape the shock, they didn’t even try to escape, because they had formed the expectation that they could not control their environment. He called this behavior leaned helplessness. Learned Helplessness and Depression What is seen as the conceptual link between learned helplessness in dogs and depression in humans? Seligman proposed that depression is a learned reaction to stressful events that seem to be
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