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Plato nativist Greek Descartes nativist dualism French Locke empiricist British Aristotle empiricist Greek Helmholtz not instantaneous German Darwin natural selection and evolution British Wundt first laboratory (Leipzig) in 1879 in Germany Helmholtz 's assistant first text book Hall wundt's student first laboratory in US Johns Hopkins Uni. in 1883 American Psychological Association (APA) in 1892 Tichener wundt’s student Use introspection James Amercian wrote the first comprehensive textbook in 1890 Ebbinghaus research on memory Calkins James’s student, American, study memory, dreams, personality First APA female president Freud Austrian Disturbances of the mind developed both a theory of personality and the first systematic method of psychotherapy(psychoanalysis)
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Unformatted text preview: Thorndike learning in cats and rats Washburn First PHD woman, book about animal behavior Pavlov dog stimulus(classical conditioning) Watson science of observable behavior Skinner Behaviorism, operant conditioning Piaget Swiss (makes pendulum swing back) Studied intellectual growth in children Chomsky American Maslow Humanistic Roger Therapist Concerns and Capabilities Psychology late 19th Philosophy + physiology the study of the mind or soul extreme in the method of introspection behaviorism dominant perspective in American psychology from 1920s – 1960s 1960s, back to metal processes (science of behavior and mental processes)...
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