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study guide exam 1 - 1. What does the illusion of...

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1. What does the illusion of continuity in film mean? A: An experience as a hole that you go through, not 600-800 short shots. 2. What is the purpose of the technique known as “matching”? A: Graphic match – major features of the composition in one shot will be duplicates in the next shot, providing a graphic continuity that serves to bridge the edit. Matches on action – use the carryover of physical movement from one shot to the next to conceal cuts Eyeline matches – the first shot looks offscreen at another character or object. The next shot shows what that character sees from a position that reflects, in its angle, the character’s position and the direction in which he or she looks. 3. Manifest Destiny – the American duty to take over the America. 4. Mise-en-scene A: The certain picture which you pause the movie. Every detail n that picture. 5. Montage A: Get moving and edit together with a story within it 6. What is the basic style of a linear narrative in film? A: The narrative generally provides comprehensive resolution at the end. The characters goals are usually psychologically rather than socially motivated. 7. What is the 180-degree rule? A: P.64 can draw picture 8. Hollywood film studios of the 1930s to mid 1950s: name three A: Citizen Kane, His Girl Friday, and Red River 9. Oligopoly Control of a certain market by more than one company 10. What is the persona of an actor/actress and how is it different from the characters they play on film? A:Persona refers to the mask worn by the character on the ancient Greek stage. Actors have their own personalities; we can force them to be the one in our mind. 11. What makes a character an “anti-hero” in “new” Westerns of the
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study guide exam 1 - 1. What does the illusion of...

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