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study guide exam 2 - Film noir- means black film, film noir...

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Film noir- means “black film,” film noir refers to a style or mode of filmmaking, which flourished between 1941 and 1958, that presents narratives involving crime or criminal actions in a manner that disturbs, lost direction, or otherwise induces nervous in the viewer. Existentialism- there is no god. What you do make who you are. World is a random place and things are not make serious. i Femme fatale- stereotype. Women are bad, men are trying to take over the world but women are trying to take over men and then take over the world. i Propaganda- what is a propaganda film? Trying trick people what the film want to present and trying to get you to do something. For example, democracy will make people fight against communists. i , p German expressionism- 1900s began. 1918-1920 -> realism is a lie. Above and beneath surface reality what you feel like. For example, if you want to draw a picture, when you use expressionism’s way to draw, you will try to think what the view is like and then draw it. However, if you use realism’s way to draw, you will go out and see the real things. i Pacifism: what it means in relationship to war and how it affected war films in the U.S.? World War II is a “good war” and Vietnam War is a “bad war”. The protagonist became a group of people. The story is focus on this group of people. Auteur theory- the director makes everything. But it didn’t work well. Some people think one person cannot do everything The New Wave: what style of films, during which decades and where were they make? Happened in French 1950s- 1960s and it is a film movement. The films is only influence the U.S. film making which the film is totally create by direct, director is the creator. Panning and scanning- cinemascope fit on TV. Panning and scanning the original
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study guide exam 2 - Film noir- means black film, film noir...

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