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Please ask your mother all of these questions regarding when she was pregnant and what you were like as a baby. (If you are unable to interview your biological mother, you may interview a close friend or relative who has a child (or even yourself). Feel free to enter your responses directly on to this template, making sure to include the questions before each response . Answer each question in detail (at least 5-6 sentences). Full points will be given only for thorough, well-written answers to each question. Short answers are not enough . Anecdotes are perfect. Try to think like an investigative reporter/writer – and get the dirt! (However, if there are questions the interviewee prefers not to answer for any reason, indicate so.) You may write in the first person (e.g. “I was”) or third person (e.g., “she said”). Points will be deducted for each spelling or grammatical error. Upload to blackboard when finished. 1. How did you
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